Centro de Terapia Bowen was established in 2011 with one objective:
to bring this remarkable Australian therapy to your continent.

Jenny's dream was to have high quality trained Bowen therapists and clients being treated all over Brazil, Argentina and the rest of Latin America...

Today, that dream is coming true...

Bowen Therapy is a gentle manual technique that guides the body to remember it's innate self-healing ability. It shares the same principles as osteopathy: The body's structure governs its function. It facilitates healing in a profound yet gentle way, re-balancing the body and it's function.
Australia Bowen Therapy Centre
Rio de Janeiro Centro de Terapia Bowen
Patagonia Argentina Centro de Terapia Bowen
To me, Bowen combines the relaxation and emotional uplift of reiki, the muscle-melting elements of massage, and the body realigning benefits of osteopathy and chiropractic.
Janine I, Australia
With small and few movements we can realise so many big changes in our body, and create a possibility to move with more grace and awareness. Thanks Jenny!"
Luciano B, Brazil
It (Bowen) released the muscle tensions, my permanent allergies and my energy was renewed 100%!
Monica B, Argentina