What is Bowen Therapy?

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Bowen Therapy is featured in Argentine Magazine "Ohlalá".


Thank you to the clients who participated to be interviewed.
jenny petridis giving a bowen treatment

Bowen Therapy stimulates your body's innate healing ability

Using gentle moves over the fascia, these palpations begin to stimulate the body via the sensory receptors which communicate this new 'information' to the body, encouraging change for healing to begin. These precise 'moves over the fascia' help the body to remember its innate healing ability. Furthermore, what makes this technique unique is the gentle and very precise palpation of the deep connective tissue in specific sequences: over the Fascia.

What are people saying about Bowen Therapy?

"My Bowen treatment was a mind-body bliss-out! During the session I floated away into dreamland while Jenny’s healing hands worked gentle wonders.." -
Janine I, Journalist. Read More

"I'm really sorry to see you go. Australia's loss is Argentina's gain. Thank you for everything. I just walked from Clifton Hill; up hill and down hill with barely a flinch, so thank you for my pain free days! Safe journey and all the best for the future - know that there is always a welcome for you in Northcote."
~ Sarah A. Victoria, Australia.

"Mi experiencia con Terapia Bowen fue mágica… y lo sigue siendo porque los resultados se mantienen en el tiempo. Me liberó de las contracturas, mis permanentes alergias y me renovó 100% la energía. - Monica B. Argentina. Leer más

"The treatment I received from Jenny brought immediate and long term impacts.  Immediately I felt profoundly energized (I even decided to skip the bus and walk home from the treatment).." - Michael K, Canada. Read More

"To know Bowen Therapy through Jenny Petridis's hands was for me, an auspicious and promising beginning. With her hands and fingers that not only touched, but saw and listened my skin and muscles, I could feel a huge sensation of freedom in my whole body.." - Luciano B, Rio de Janeiro. Read More

"Tuve el lujo de estar (literalmente) bajo las manos de Jenny por unos meses. Después de la primera sesión ya comencé a sentirme mejor..." - Margarita W. Argentina. Leer más

"After being plagued by a sore back, I decided to try Bowen Therapy. Jenny is a great therapist, taking time to explain everything and putting my concerns at ease." - Rebecca T, New Zealand. Read More

"The treatment itself was pleasant and relaxing, but I was really impressed by the mindfulness and alignment I felt in the days after.." - Jessica W. Freelance writer. Read More
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Bowen Therapy & pain

Bowen Therapy uses a minimalist and practical approach to healing. It is an excellent therapy for chronic injuries, back and hip problems and neck pain. In a growing technological society with many patients working online in front of their computer, repetitive strain injuries and painful back/neck and shoulder issues are common.
dancer moving fluidly

Bowen Therapy is for everyone

For over 50 years Bowen Therapy has treated many conditions from chronic conditions (such as arthritis) to acute injuries, illnesses,such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons, as well as digestive complaints, asthma, musculo-skeletal conditions and infertility. Bowen Therapy is for everybody and often the preferred modality for athletes and dancers as bowen aims to re-align the body and it's systems.

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Bowen Therapy to help with fertility

Bowen Therapy is a wonderful compliment to conception aids such as IVF. It is also a remarkable therapy for helping in fertility problems. By gently manipulating this fascia, changes begin to occur within the body, stimulating body's self-healing mechanisms.
Bowen can essentially promote fertility by returning the body to it's natural state of balance for optimal functionality.

Bowen Therapy Training coming very soon! Have you registered?

The Bowen Therapy course is based on the work of legendary Australian manual therapist Tom Bowen (1916-1982), whose techniques of healing is revolutionising worldwide. Read more